Dans for voksne




this autumn, dfv will contribute to two nano-festivals of concerts, readings, dance and more at deichman library at grŸnerl¿kka in oslo. the festivals are named south of comfort and are made in collaboration with on the edge of wrong, folkebiblioteket and the library.






                           workshop, cafŽ mir, toftes gate 69

                           all ears – concert, cafŽ mir, toftes gate 69, 18.00

                           ELLMER STEFAN, MR TOONS, MçRCIA LAN‚A & J¯RGEN KNUDSEN

                           south of comfort#5 – deichman, grŸnerl¿kka, 19.00

                              deichman, grŸnerl¿kka, 20.00

                              ¿ra-releaseparty, works by lene grenager and bj¿rn fongaard – deichman, grŸnerl¿kka, 20.00

                           south of comfort#4.2 – deichman, grŸnerl¿kka, 19.00

                              2 hours of live programming – deichman, grŸnerl¿kka, 18.00




                              electronic textiles

                              textile noise gig



Technical Mondays at NOTAM, 19.00:





we were thinking a lot of what we should do for 22. august 2013 – the 10 year's anniversary, and figured out that we'll rather make something for the 13 year's anniversary. that's more like us. keep the following month open!




and hey! we're heavily supported by PNEK, and also a little by the Norwegian Arts Council



oslo 06.10.2015