Dans for voksne spring 2018



this year .. ok .. as you may know .. allthough dans for voksne means dancing for grown-ups, we havenÕt had much to do with either dance or grown-ups, but now .. well, weÕre aiming at getting there .. and yes, we definitely a special focus on special kids right now .. and bring some of them to sonic protest, one of the coolest festivals there is for experimental music ..





                              kafe mir, 10h-14h


                              kafe mir, 18h


                              sonic protest, fgo barbara, paris, 21h


                           kafe h¾rverk, 20h


                           kafe h¾rverk, 20h


                              oslo music day/dna? and?-stage, kafe h¾rverk, 12h-16h




Technical Mondays at NOTAM, 19h00:




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oslo 19.03.18